When I was a little girl, my Uncle Huey (my mom’s brother) would say to me “You are one of us”.  What he meant was that I was psychic like they were.  He would read my cards whenever I saw him.  My grandmother Rose used to read my palms when I went to visit her.  She was also great at reading tea leaves.  How I loved spinning that cup upside down three times with the wet tea leaves.  And she would look in there and tell me things about my friendships that I couldn’t believe she would “see”. My grandfather had the ability to heal people.  People would wait in line to see him for a "laying of hands" healing.  He would do a ritual with oil in a frying pan using a few drops of water and somehow, that would tell him where to lay his hand on the person to be healed.  And of course, my mother was also very psychic.  She  would read regular playing cards.  Imagine your mom telling one of your dates his whole past that he hadn’t revealed to you yet!  What I didn’t realize then was that they didn’t need the palms, tea leaves, oil or cards.  Those family members were clairvoyant and didn't even know it :)!! 

My first encounter with hearing Spirit happened when I was pregnant many moons ago.  I grew up in South Philadelphia, which is a very congested inner city area with many traffic lights and stop signs.  One night during my final weeks of pregnancy, I was driving home from a visit with my mom.  I approached the umpteenth stop sign and was beginning what was called “The South Philly Roll” - which is to tap your brake and then roll right through it if no one is on the other side.  But as I hit my brake I heard a male voice in my head - very authoritative and loud - command “STAY HERE”.  And I did without question!  At that moment, a car came speeding down the street in the opposing direction and blew right thru the stop sign.  If I had continued thru the intersection, the driver's side of my car would have taken the full impact of the crash.  And that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with my Guide!

So, I was born into a psychic family bloodline.  But not one family member was a medium.  They didn't have the spiritual knowledge to know about seeing and hearing Spirit Helpers.  I had the good fortune - or as I like to call it fate - to meet a psychic medium named Sandy early on in my career. Sandy became my teacher and my friend.  
Sandy learned Spiritualism through a teaching circle that contained a few highly adept Spiritualists.  The teachings were conducted weekly over a few years.  Circles with knowledgeable Spiritualists are far and few between.  Famous mediums such as John Holland had the honor of learning and honing his skills in such a circle in England.  Britain is a virtual vortex of psychic mediums!

I met Sandy while attending a metaphysical class that she was teaching at Temple University.  I felt an instant connection and booked a reading with her.  She took me under her wing and the teachings began. These lessons went on for several years.  She taught me through what we called "sittings".  We would sit beside each other and she would place her hand on top of mine.  The energy combination would allow her to more clearly hear and see Spirit.  And on a few rare occasions a very elevated being named Matthew would visit and teach.  I would feel a major electrical jolt of energy run through my body when his energy came thru.  I asked a million questions and wanted proof of everything.  I was able to feel Spirit but not see or hear them yet.   I was only a battery to help keep the frequency elevated while the Spirit Teachers channeled in the information.

As I developed my ability to see and hear Spirit, I was able to meet my main Guide and learn about the Light Beings in my circle of Helpers.  In the process, I learned that one of my gifts is an ability to do automatic writing. That has allowed me to connect with my own Guides and do sittings without Sandy's help.  I'm sure she had a private celebration when she was able to get off the clock!

I feel much gratitude to have been chosen and taught in such a unique manner.  I know of no other medium trained by a circle from the Other Side!  And I thank Sandy and her amazing Spirit Friends for finding me worthy of such teachings.  My hope now is to serve the purpose of the lessons and make a difference in the lives of those I am graced to touch.  In addition to the spiritual teachings, Sandy also walked me through the loss of my son.  Her steady support and ability to listen was what got me through the first two years following his death.  I cannot imagine what my life would have been like had we never met.  I am forever grateful that we did!

In 2001, my son Jesse, at 20 years of age, crossed over into Spirit's loving arms by taking his own life.  I do believe that his death was fate because for the last seven years of his life (when I began reading palms), I would randomly look at his palms and his life-line was very short.  I would always hope that the next time I looked, it would have lengthened.  Jesse’s life on the earth plane was few in years but impacted many and continues to do so through my work.  He demonstrated mediumship abilities at age 9 that exceeded the best out there today; as he possessed an unmatched eye for detail.  And I sometimes feel his energy assisting me during readings.  As the Law of Attraction states: Like Attracts Like.  Since Jesse's death, there has been a multitude of clients whom have crossed my desk that are also walking the path of a loved one who died by suicide and/or are grieving the loss of a child.  And I am very grateful to be able to help connect them with their deceased loved ones :)!

If there is anything I want to impress upon those who meet me, it is that I believe there is no limbo, purgatory or punishment for suicide.  There is only LOVE and ALL IS FORGIVEN on the Other Side!  That is why it is called "HEAVEN" :)! 


LAST UPDATED:  07-03-19