Love is what opens the door between this life and the After Life.

I believe that your Angels are your loved ones whom have crossed over. You are their progeny.  They love extensions and expansion of their bloodline.  And no one loves you like your family!  So even those you never met in life, know you and yours.   I believe that was inspired by Angels prompting us to know them!   And they also want you to know that there is no death.  It’s like AT&T on the Other Side -  busy, noisy, hectic and very much ALIVE.  There is nothing but love and all is forgiven.  It truly is heaven.

So, if you have a loved one on the other side that you would like to connect with, talk to them.  It may sound strange, but it does validate them and it helps to enhance their energy to come to you.  They communicate by mental telepathy and can HEAR your thoughts.  It is even better for the frequency if you talk out loud to them.  Try it!  Ask for a sign that your words are being heard.  You will get a response. They will either come to you in a dream or you will strongly smell or feel them around you.  They also like to affect electrical items around us to get our attention lol!

They like to accompany us on our car rides.  Often you are in your highest state of connection to Spirit Energy while you are driving your vehicle.   (So stay off the cell phone and LISTEN).   You may also smell their scent i.e. their favorite cologne or perfume,  or cigar or cigarette smoke.  Be attuned to the subtle and don’t expect the big tap on the shoulder.  After all, they have ethereal bodies now –  so no human density. Don’t discount the scents or cents they send your way!  I always know when my grandfather is around because I’ll smell the cherry tobacco that he used to put in his pipe.

LAST UPDATED:  05-22-19