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Patty deserves 10 stars her reading was amazing. I was very happy to have met a person so gifted that she could actually connect me to my family and friends. I highly recommend her: )
— Kerry
I sat with Patty yesterday on FaceTime. it just blew my mind how spot on she was with everything ! I give Patty ••••• 5 stars for sure. If you were thinking about doing a reading Patty is the one to see for sure. I am scheduling another reading real soon.
— Dot
Wonderful reading - I can’t begin to express the gratitude for such a wonderful reading. You confirmed suspicions I carried for years without my ever saying a word. You were spot on concerning a friend of mine having surgery she didn’t know she was having around her eye and last but not least, feeling the energy of someone who had just passed yesterday but had not yet passed when I was just there less then 10 days ago and you spoke of her. Absolutely amazing!

Anyone who wants to see someone well worth your time it is Patty. I have been to several psychic’s over the years but this is the one I will return to in a heartbeat. I will be back one day Patty, in the mean time be blessed. Love you!
— Thanks to Sherry for sharing!
A huge thank you - I have been thinking of my wonderful experiences with you and want to thank you for everything you have given me guidance on. I appreciate all that you have helped me through over the years. The first time I came to you I was going through some unforeseen troubles and you helped me see through this and gave guidance from the other side that truly blew me away. I’ll never forget the way I felt when I left your house, like a weight lifted from my shoulders. Then 2 years ago My dog was diagnosed with cancer, I came to you.. distraught and you told me you didn’t see this taking her life. You’re right she’s still alive and well. No signs of cancer, even though the doctors told us she only had a year to live.

At the time I came to see you about my pup, I was pregnant with my son Max, you told me so many amazing things about this boy and you couldn’t have been more spot on. The way you described this calm baby and how smart he is still makes me smile.I think of you often and the things you said because I see how special he is. You are so special in my eyes I tell everyone I can about you and the experience I had.

Can’t thank you enough!
— Thanks to Kristin for sharing!
I just wanted to thank you for the meditations and messages each month. It really means so much and always makes me feel relaxed, and stress free. The messages are always a bonus and have really helped me this year. Thank you just doesn’t seem appropriate enough.
— Thanks to Paula for sharing!
Patty is a very lovely women, she is amazing and we definitely will be returning. She’s fantastic and me and my whole family were very impressed with the reading and it was amazing! Thank you for helping us - Alexis
Dear Patty, Your meditation sessions have brought much comfort to my life. Three weeks ago I received the most precious message from my mother. Yesterday was the first anniversary of my mother’s passing. The day began with a sense of sadness and dread, I felt like I was standing on the edge of a building waiting to fall. I was sick all day and I was anxiously awaiting the meditation session. As soon as it began and was able to relax I felt like the weight of the world was lifted from me. I have always heard that people come into your life for a reason and I truly believe that you came into mine just when I needed you most. I think my mother sent you to me to help me get through the emotional mess my life has become. I am stuck but at least I am able to see a small glimmer of light. I will never be able to thank you enough. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

If there is anyone out there who is thinking about a reading and is not sure give it a try. Patty will put you at ease immediately. I feel now that I have hope to move on taking baby steps. Some days it one day forward and two steps back, progress is progress no matter how small. - Paula
I had to reach out to you! Both of my sisters came to you. My first sister’s reading I listened to and cried so much because it is very very accurate. (Her and I share the same history in regards to family) I had to thank you. You gift is so amazing and I feel so blessed to have stumbled onto you through my other sister. Messages were sent to me from my grandmother to both sisters! I have been so sad not knowing how she was because I didn’t get much from her when I came, but I specifically said aloud two things to my nan and she brought both up with my sisters! I have never felt so happy! I wanted you to know you have such an amazing gift and you have helped heal a wound that I never thought would heal. —Dana
I just want to say thank you so much for the class last night. I can’t even describe how much better I felt after. I related to so much of what you were saying. Last night I felt so light after the session. I felt calm. I haven’t felt that way in months. I slept better than I ever have. I woke up refreshed. I even physically feel less sore and tense. I know I may still struggle with this problem of mine but last night I felt like I received a little more clarity and strength. I enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait to join in again. Thank you Patty.
- Vanessa
This is the 2nd time over last few years that I’ve contacted Patty. She is phenomenal - her readings are “spot on”; not filled in with generic babbling that you - have to figure out - does it pertain to me or someone else. Her expertise/gifts allow her to hone in immediately on what you need to know and that’s what you find out. I like that after she gives you a message - she’ll immediately ask if you understand it or if you need further clarification. Her compassion is not just about her medium, psychic abilities - but her ability to leave you - not just as “a client” of hers - but someone whom she deeply cares about giving an accurate reading to with information from your loved ones/angels/guardians or guides from the other side. And so it is with heartfelt thanks from me to Patty that from the 1st day I contacted you, my life has been changed for the better. I have purpose, peace & a sense of clarity that some people never achieve throughout their lifetime.
My prayers are with you Patty & your family.
Kind regards - Dee
I had my first phone reading from a psychic medium. Talking to Patty was like talking to a close friend. She confirmed many things for me. Patty, thank you for guiding me! - Kim
I just wanted to say if you’ve never been to Patty before, GO! If you have a reading, you will leave uplifted, knowing in your heart you are getting true guidance from your loves ones who have crossed over, or your spirit guides. If you take one of her classes, you will participate in a group meditation that enhances your ability to connect to spirit on your own! The last time I participated in a class, I clearly conneced with a beloved soul who had crossed over, and the experience was stunning. There have been so many moments working with Patty that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Enjoy! - Colleen
Patty Lattanzio is indeed genuine! I will also say that she has her act together in that it’s a no nonsense reading - no small talk to fill in the time. She is/was very matter-of-fact. And as she’s doing your reading - she also asks “”do you understand - or do you need further clarification?”
My reading was spot on; she didn’t tell me what she thought I wanted to hear - she told me what my Angels, Guardians & Guides showed her. I came away from this reading with a sense of peace and calm and knowing what direction I’m headed. She knew minute details that there’s no way she would have known had it not been for my Angels telling/showing her. I’m very happy that for some reason - as I was doing my research on whom to call - she stood out - now I know why - my Angels also guided me to her. You won’t regret calling upon her.
I wish you Patty: many more years of health, peace & prosperity - and I will be calling again.

A heartfelt thanks - Dee Burton
Patty’s workshops are great! I was hesitant because I thought it might be uncomfortable. It is completely the opposite. You are in your own home connecting with like minded individuals (or just listening). There is no pressure and you take from them what you need. The guided mediation is wonderful. I had a long overdue visit from my son and others on the other side. I felt a peace and calm for days afterwards. - Randi
My experience and reading with Patty was very unique and filled with much needed peace and solitude. Patty has a natural ability to connect with her clients on both an emotional and spiritual level that leaves you feeling like you have this new friend/connection yet you feel that you have known for years, Her spiritual connection and energy awareness can and did leave me with the ability to let go and focus in on my own grief and path to healing. You will leave the session wanting more. her guided meditation is wonderful. There is no doubt that Patty is not only passionate and gifted at what she does but is meant to be exactly who she is and offer the amazing healing she does. - Melissa
I have been with Patty for many years and have been going to her meditation classes for quite a while now. I always feel great coming out of her classes because it usually stronger energy with group meditation. That is why I keep coming back to the positive energy. We have been doing the classes on zoom now and I find the energy is even stronger because being in a comfortable, familiar, place where I do my meditation all the time helps me to relax even more. So I strongly recommend her classes to anyone. - Ronnie
After a devastating and unexpected passing of a loved one, I felt I needed something....guidance, reassurance, confirmation, comfort - you name it. Today, I had my reading with Patty and I was beyond comforted and assured by what she had to tell me. I was given information that nobody could possibly know, but Patty knew without me saying a word. What Patty had to say brought me that sense of healing and comfort that I needed. I can’t fully explain with words how I felt, but was grateful for every message and bit of advice she had to give me. Not only did I feel my loved one(s) came through to her, but she also offered ways to help myself in this grieving process. I will forever be grateful to her, and look forward to another meeting with her in the future. She is a genuinely caring person and really did tap into ‘the other side’. There were too many things she knew without prior information and I’m still in a sense of shock, and very grateful. Thank you, Patty. I have replayed our conversation a few times and each time it brings me to tears....but in a good way. I truly felt my loved ones did relay their messages to me through you. An amazing gift. Looking forward to next time. - Peg

My reading with Patty was the first experience with a medium . I can say that after my experience of affirmations and enlightenment, I look at life from this point forward in a whole new light. The positive energy and honesty of connection is there and I have to thank Patty from the bottom of my heart for the life changing experience of her reading.
Thank you Patty - Carla Johnson

I have had several readings from Patty, each and every time she has blown me away with her beautiful gift. She has proven herself time and again. She has a helped me tremendously to navigate through my life experiences. She also does seminars that are very enlightening and a lot of fun. Thank you Patty” -Melissa Morris

I have had several readings with Patty and have been blown away by the connections she has made consistently. Patty truly has a gift that should be shared and cherished. I look forward to my next session with her so that she may shed light on the next chapter of my life. Thank you doesn’t express my gratitude for the potential that she has helped me to realize within myself.” - Susan

I have been a client of Patty’s for more than 25 years. She has been a spiritual guide and force in my life, who has helped me to grow and learn from my strengths and weaknesses. Patty never ceases to amaze me with her accuracy and insight time after time. I believe experiencing Patty would benefit anyone who is lucky enough to walk through her doors..!! - Whitney

PATTY IS EXCELLENT....I am ALWAYS pleased with my readings....she has predicted so many things that have fallen into place...I always leave feeling calm and less stress. - Zonya

Patty is one of the most genuine persons I have met, she will tell you everything you are meant to know about, and her readings are spot on, I have learned a lot about myself since that first reading with Patty and am very happy to have met her, I have attended one her classes as well, it was very enlightening and enjoyable, I plan on attending more when I can, again I am very happy to have met her and I highly recommend her. - Bill

If there were a star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

I have been a client of Patty’s for more than 6 years. The insight and clarity she relays is spot on. She is compassionate, non judgemental, and is intention based during sessions.

She, through her gifts, has helped me to acknowledge some of the spiritual lessons I needed to address. Sometimes the answers were simple. Other times, there was a łot of work to do on my part-in order to break a bad cycle. The rewards from addressing a spiritual lesson is priceless. I appreciate knowing that the choices I am making are in alignment with my spiritual path.

Thank you Patty!

Myself and 3 others in my family had a group reading with Patty. Patty helped our family find some peace and comfort knowing that our loved ones, especially my grandfather (who just recently passed), are right there beside us and guiding us. The messages that Patty gave us were specific and validated that it was truly our loved ones that she had connected with. There are things that she had told us that she couldn’t have known. Patty has such a special gift and it takes a special person to do what she does to help so many! We had our reading last night and have already recommended that our family and friends make an appointment with Patty! - Brooke

I met Patty through a friend about 3 years ago as I was looking for answers and some guidance. I am so happy I met her, I can’t say enough about her I love that she is blunt and to the point. She helped guide me to a happier path in life. Patty is truly a gifted Psychic and a beautiful person and you will not be disappointed by a reading from her whether it is in person or by phone. - Dee

I have known Patty for 19 years and have been seeing her off and on for these past years. When I first went to her I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of the loss of my Mother and was unable to deal with it. I don’t know where I would be today if I had never went to her. She brought me back from a very dark place by bringing my Mother to me through many readings. I still see Patty when I start to slide down that dark path again. Anyone who is dealing with a loss I urge you to call her she is truly amazing. I owe a lot to Patty for helping me through the years and always being there for me, and bringing my Mother through with many wonderful messages. May God always Bless you Patty for helping me. - Marie

Patty, today was really awesome! Everyone was so nice and a real pleasure to be around. It is amazing what a little meditation can do. Every time I think meditation I never think my racing mind will relax enough to concentrate, but much to my surprise, it really works and I can do it. I was able to totally relax and listen to spirit. Thanks for an enlightening afternoon. I feel like I’ve met everyone there before and I hope to meet with them again. YOUR ENERGY is electrifying and I’ve seen you in a one on one capacity but today you were really glowing. Can’t wait till the next one...Janai

Thank you Patty for all you have done for me these past 18 years. When I came to you I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and with your special gift pulled me through and have helped me to heal. You are truly awesome and I wouldn’t be here today able to deal with things if it hadn’t been for you. You are Blessed with a precious gift and give so much love with all your readings. Everything you have told me has been 100% from day one and it continues. Thank you my dear friend you have been a blessing in my life. Love you.

You have a beautiful gift Patty. The reading we had back in March gave me a gift, it helped my soul “nudge” in the direction towards healing. While I have a ways to go I know that I will heal. I never truly had the chance to thank you before. I will be setting up for a new reading soon. I am anxious, in a good way to see what direction I am going...

You put me at rest after the love of my life committed suicide. You knew all the circumstances surrounding his death, his lifestyle, the problems, things I NEVER told you and YOU could NOT ever know without “him” telling you. You confirmed some things, told me things I didn’t know and you also told me so many beautiful things “he” told you to tell me. You actually started my healing process, I had been grieving for over a year and could not move forward. I believed what you said 100% and I know it came directly from “him” through you FOR ME.
You really do help those of us in our time of desperation get peace from loved ones who have passed. I will always be so thankful.

I doubt you will remember me. My name is Debbie S.(name is not shown to protect the family). My husband Mike and I had a reading with you several months ago. The reason I write is because prior to you, I had never been to a medium. And after you, my impression of it was that you were an amazing psychic, but just an OK medium. The reason I thought that was because you told me that my niece, who passed a couple yrs. ago at 21 from being hit by a car had “willed her own death”. I thought “this lady is nuts!!! and wrong”. B. (name not shown to protect her family) had no suicidal tendencies, did not commit suicide and never said anything about wanting to die. Plus, her death was an accident; she didn’t jump in front of a car. You also told me she WANTED to die and she was so much happier there. Happier there? Ok, I can accept that, but wanted to die?? No, no way. Not B.

Well, after our reading I started giving it more thought. She HAD had emotional issues. She did struggle that way. Maybe it could be. But again, just thought “no, Patty had it wrong”; mediumship is just not her strong suit. Psychically amazing and 100% accurate when it came to my dad who you discerned that day as well, But not B. All wrong? I couldn’t make sense of it. How could you have some things about my dead father all right, yet be all wrong with my niece?

Here’s where it gets good. Yesterday, I had a 25 year dream come true. I had a session with the world famous medium George Anderson. And in came my niece, B. George said “I have to say I have never heard this before but she tells me SHE WILLED HER OWN DEATH!” What? Did he just say what Patty told me months ago word for word????? I asked him to repeat it. He said “she WILLED it to happen. She WANTED to die. She didn’t commit suicide but she wanted to die and she is so happy to be out of here”. Patty I was frozen! He simply reiterated what you already told me WORD FOR WORD! You were 100% accurate with B. too and I doubted you 100%. So, without you even knowing it, I owe you an apology my friend, for not trusting or believing you. You ARE an AMAZING MEDIUM too!

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