In Person, Phone, Zoom, Skype and FaceTime Readings

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I'm here to offer guidance and help you on your path as you seek spiritual clarity or look to contact loved ones who have crossed to the Other Side.  I have been told by many clients that my readings are spiritual therapy.  We all have our own answers but sometimes we can't hear them; or we discount what we feel.  And we sometimes confuse our intuition with fear.  My job is to help you decipher your truths and provide some clarity and confirmation from a spiritual vantage point; as I have an innate ability to see and hear Spirit.

My readings encompass ALL life situations!  Having experienced the death of my only child by suicide, I know the grief and pain of loss up close and personal.  So I find it very therapeutic to use my gift of mediumship to help others who are grieving the loss of loved ones.  I cannot control what information will be imparted, your loved ones and your Guides do that.   But I do know that whatever transpires, will be to your highest good!  You will always get what is needed to help you spiritually evolve.   No one knows you better than your Spirit friends.  They are truly the ones who give the messages.  I am just the medium that bridges the gap!

Because we are all individuals with our own unique soul paths and relationship lessons, no two readings are alike.  Your reading will be specifically about you and whatever your needs are at the time.  My Guides will focus on you and anyone presently involved in your life.  And sometimes, you will receive information about your past and/or a past life that led up to current circumstances.  Know that past life information is only given if it will help to enhance your present life.  The future is an integral part of our lives and my readings always offer glimpses of it; as we all need hope and something positive to look forward to :)!

I am located in southern New Jersey in the town of Somerdale (approx 12 miles from Philadelphia); and have been reading professionally for 24 years.  I do in-person, phone, FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype sessions.  The phone, FaceTime, Zoom and Skype readings are just as accurate as in-person.  I feel that the internet readings are actually better because I am less affected by your emotions that enter my physical space with in-person readings; yet we still have the desired face-to-face energy.  I have many clients nationwide whom I have never met in person, and we continue to work remotely.  Be assured that if you are reading this, it is not by coincidence or a random happening.  Whether we meet through a referral or by "chance", I truly believe there is a Higher Power that prompts our paths to cross! 

Many ask how do I get my information.  I hear, see, feel, taste and/or smell when I read.  And I am very fortunate to have an elevated Band of White Light Guides that assist in relaying your information to me.  Your vibrational frequency is also a contributing factor as to what messages transpire.  The more evolved and open you are, the better your reading will be.  I reserve the option to decline service to a skeptic coming to test my skills, by knowingly withholding information.  This produces a lower vibrational frequency that drains and dampens my energy.  So please be sincere in your interest; as your intention will determine the level of information that you will receive.  My intention is always to help all who seek my counsel to the best of my ability.  

Click here for SERVICES & RATES!  Also, if you're thirsty for spiritual knowledge and want to develop your intuition, please attend my "What Spirit Wants Us To Know & Meditation"  internet classes.  Details can be found on my WORKSHOP page!  

Psychic Medium Patty Lattanzio

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