Summer Blossoms

As we are nearing the end of July, I can't help but notice how beautiful all the flowers are!!  Summer is the season for everything to blossom and grow.  Love relationships seem more romantic under the summer moon.  People tend to be outdoors more having fun and enjoying the longer sunlight hours.  So take a moment or two in the next few weeks, to think about your own soul growth.  Contemplate your next chapter so to speak.  For this is the most relaxed season of the year.  The kids are out of school which means the parents catch a break with homework and after school activities.  Vacations are prominent in summer months.  And I don't know if you know this, but it is upon coming back from vacation that most people decide to change jobs, leave their current relationship, seek a new living space, and just make changes period!  These changes are prompted by relaxation and the luxury of having the time to think about things!  So take advantage of the moment because there are only a few fleeting weeks left of this beautiful season :)!