Managing Stress

Summer brings a relaxed, care-free energy with it.  Which is why we all enjoy the season so much!!  September is a month of getting back to a more serious and time-structured schedule.  The kids go back to school.  Work projects become the central focus again.  And life in general, seems a bit more hectic.  There's those back to school night meetings and the sports schedules for the kids, etc...  So it's important that you take the time to do a five minute meditation during the course of your day.  Choose the time of day that is most conducive to being able to focus for a full five minutes.  Then just close your eyes.  Breathe deeply and slowly for the first minute or two.  And then visualize "PEACE" coming into your body.  FEEL the energy of PEACE & CALM permeate the energy around and within you.  Just stay with the words and feelings of PEACE & CALM for the next few minutes.  You will definitely feel a decrease in  your stress level!  Practice is the key here.  So make some time to do this each day and you will WANT to do it when you experience the outcome :)!