Time Frames

Try to set time frames for your daily "things to do".  I find that I am in a much better state of mind during my day if I schedule it with time segments.  Such as, twenty-five minutes for meditation, forty-five minutes for emails and business calls, thirty minutes for some type of physical workout, etc.  This morning I scheduled time to sit and write this!   If you have set times that are planned out ahead, you will be more apt to keep to your schedule and accomplish all that you wish to do in a day.  And of course we all have days where things happen and we get stuck doing something that wasn't in the game plan.  Like a computer issue and sitting on the phone with Apple for an hour!!  Or a sick child or pet that needs immediate medical attention.  But on the whole, if you frame your day out ahead of time, you will find that you can get a lot more accomplished!  And at the end of the day, when we tend to judge ourselves for what we did or didn't do, you will have nice things to say to yourself :)!