Overview of "What Spirit Wants Us To Know" 

You can now enjoy the convenience of sitting at your home computer as you join me on the internet for my one hour "What Spirit Wants Us To Know" & Meditation webinars for $33!   I am currently using Zoom (a video conferencing tool like Skype; only no registration necessary and better visual and sound quality).  All that is needed is a good internet connection that has video.  In a few clicks you can zoom-in to actively engage with the other attendees and myself!  All you have to do is sit in front of your home computer (some use their cell phones) and enjoy the company of a small, intimate group of like minds - all wanting to learn and evolve spiritually. You will be able to see and hear each other just as well as if it were an in-person gathering.  Essentially it is just that :)!  And you are free to turn off your video and just interact through audio if that makes you feel more comfortable.  You can't do that in-person lol!  The feedback from my classes using Zoom has been off the charts positive!!  No need to drive so anyone located anywhere can attend.  Everyone loves the guided meditation in the comfort of their favorite chairs in their own quiet surroundings.  The visual and sound quality is excellent when you have a strong internet connection!  Find a quiet room and throw on a headset and enjoy a totally private experience while your family is going on with their normal activities!   Also, Zoom has an option to record the class to replay at your convenience.  Below are the webinar dates for 2017 along with details on what to expect from a class:

Please note that tickets purchased within two hours of a same day class (from 5pm-7pm) will be applied toward the next scheduled webinar to allow for processing and emailing the link.  So if you want to attend on a particular date, please purchase earlier in the day or week preceding that date. Thank you for understanding!

 Thursday         -     October 5

 Thursday         -     November 2

 Thursday         -     December 7

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Each class offers unique "What Spirit Wants Us To Know" messages.  The information imparted will synergistically and often directly relate to the needs of those in attendance at that time. A key focus will be your present life circumstances and empowering you to make better choices. You may also receive messages from your loved ones in the Afterlife. I am continually intrigued with the synergy of each group!  Spirit knows your needs and they always offer the enlightenment you are seeking to advance your soul while on this earth plane journey.  

In addition, there will be a Guided Group Meditation.  Meditation increases the rate at which you vibrate; and puts you in a state conducive to Spirit contact and enlightenment.  Many people have profound spiritual experiences during my guided meditations because of the power generated by the combined concentrated group energy and the fact that you are sitting in the comfort and privacy of your own home space. I have received many follow-up emails speaking of the counsel and guidance received during that time.  At the very least, you will feel refreshed and peaceful afterwards :)!  

Know that you will feel a pull towards a class if you're meant to be there!  There are no coincidences or random happenings.  Spirit will “call” whomever they feel will benefit most from a particular workshop.  As with my readings, I do not know what will transpire ahead of time.  And that's what makes these webinars so mystical and alluring!  But I do know that whatever information comes thru, will always be for your highest good ❤️!  

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